May Surprises


Happy May and sunny days!

I can’t sufficiently celebrate the fact it is May!

Winter is over.

Dark days and grey skies are behind.

It was a difficult winter for us.

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad winter is over!  Honestly, it feels like a blur in so many ways.  And, even though in the middle of it, it felt long and dark, looking back I’m surprised it is over!  One more thing to be grateful for!

This has been a season of intensity and a crash course in faith and endurance.  It has been one of letting go and moving forward.  I would be lying if I didn’t say this has been one for the books as far as disappointment and hurt goes.


But, I feel the winds shifting with the May breezes. 

I have learned a great deal about perseverance and the faithfulness of God.  When life throws some major curve balls, God is at the home plate right behind us.  He’s got us and isn’t leaving.

People disappoint and betray, but God never will. 

And, it is amazing how He uses even these moments for good in your life, if you let Him.   Yes, He is always working on our behalf, but we have to partner with Him and allow Him room to work.  We can sabotage the glory He desires to bring.  We can sink ourselves further in the mud.  We certainly don’t have to cooperate.  But, oh my, the beauty that comes when we do.



There isn’t enough of it going around.

Accountability and owning your wrongdoings is essential in growing spiritually.  We can’t keep doing the same old things and expect to get better results.  Sometimes, we work ourselves into tight, deadly spaces.

But, God. 

He knows and sees far beyond anything we ever can.  He sees where the road leads and the life we are creating for ourselves.  Yes, but, God.  When He intervenes it is only for good.  We have to allow Him to work.  And, work with Him.  Hand in hand.

What people intend for bad, He ultimately will turn for good things in our lives. 


Often, people live out of their insecurities and jealousies.  I’ve seen the effects of such living.  Like monkeys with a match, they destroy everything around them instead of giving life.   Confession and openness can’t live in a place like that; they are birthed in a safe place.  Are we creating grace-filled environments for people to be whole?  I wonder.  Or does self-righteousness rule?

I’m not talking about excusing fault or turning a blind eye. 

I’m talking about creating a place for people to feel safe in addressing their struggles. It should be the norm, but, alas, it is not.  Anyway, we are called to grace.  Grace is not excusing and overlooking.  There is no grace in that.  That only leaves the person struggling, alone and isolated.  Just right where the enemy of our souls wants us.

Aren’t we called to be grace to one another?  Scripture encourages confession.  Grace opens the way for confession, which opens the way for hope.  We have to create a safe path.


God is good. 

He knows exactly what is needed—when, where and how.  He always has his eye on us and is fully aware of our deepest need.  He works even beforehand to have His resources in place, ready to dispatch to us.  It is always on time.

So many graces.  So much care.

I am grateful for this new day; this new season.  It’s breathtaking…all He has done and continues to do on our behalf.  So much beauty!  Our resource and supply is not in man, but comes from the very hand of God.  The answers on the way and the strength for each new place—it is always just what I need.  Right on time!


I have learned a lot.  I know that is not an incredibly complex sentence.  And, all of the editors out there are cringing, I know. But, sometimes, simple is best.  I have learned a lot.  I have been challenged and stretched beyond my comfort zone.

There has been tremendous pain and disappointment, but God’s goodness far outweighs any of that.

This is one lesson is branded into the fibers of my being.

Unfortunately, I continue to be amazed at the unkindness and the lack of grace we humans are able to pour out on others.  But, God’s graciousness and everlasting kindness far outweighs anything humans can come up with.


I am learning to rest and live in peace.

Having surrendered all to Him, knowing He is for us, knowing I am His and He is mine, I am healing and I am finding joy.  Know this, no matter what has come your way, whether by your own hand or by someone else’s, God is working on your behalf.

We are going to make it!  

Now, go soak up some rays and turn your face to the sun! 

Let the shadows fall behind you!




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